ND9 Recording Studio is a one stop and standard recording studio that is fully equipped with the latest technology in the recording studio industry. we are positioned to work for a wide range of client ranging from individual music artists to corporate organizations such as branding and advertising agencies etc.

Film Sound Post
  • Dubbing
  • Foley
  • Sound design
  • Premix
  • Final Mix
Film Music
  • Song recording
  • Song mixing stereo
  • Song mixing 5.1
  • Bgm recording
  • Bgm mixing 5.1

ND9 Recording Studio is not just going to be engaged in the recording music for musicians, but we will also open our doors to corporate organizations who would want to record jingles for advertisement purposes and also authors who would want to record their audio books and other related works. Our business goal is to work towards becoming one of the leading recording studio brands in the whole of Pune and in the nearest future compete with the leaders in the industry not only in the Pune but also in the INDIA.

Other work
  • Album recording and mixing
  • Voice over
  • E learning projects
  • Other track laying work.
  • Language dubbing.
  • Studio Session for clients
  • Production of Jingles and Soundtracks for Organizations
  • Setting up of Recording Studios for Clients
  • Production of Audio Books