Visual Effects (VFX)

VFX (Visual Effects) are graphics that use video footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, graphics are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

The Services We Provide In VFX Are :

  • VFX :
    Any sort of fake effects in a video can be made.
  • Wire Removal :
    The shots which compose wires to move the actors from one place to another, are to later composited to remove the wires.
    This type of compositing projects are undertaken by ND9 Studio
  • Chroma Removal :
    Chorma shots are composited in VFX. Here the backgrounds are changed.
  • SFX :
    Any type of sound effects is made available to the customers. Dubbing of any videos is also done.
  • Titling :
    The starting and ending titles are composited according to the concept of the video.
  • Crowd stimulation :
    The videos which need a crowd but are not possible to shoot with so many people, can be composited in VFX.
  • Color Correction :
    The color correction and changes in the overall feel of the video/still can also be done.


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