Sound Recording

ND9 Studio specializes in providing exceptional and finest audio recording services based on the content type, tone and style. We provide a full range of audio recording services, with great quality and at good prices.

ND9 Studio offering all Audio and Video Production services. We offer ALL Audio related services, including: Multi-track Audio Recording Song Writing & Music Production MIDI Music Composition & Arrangement Mixing & Post-Production Audio Restoration & Editing Multimedia, Audio CD Mastering, Demo Creation, CD Duplication and Replication. Contact us with any specific audio recording service needs. ND9 Studio, whose goal is to provide a relaxed comfortable environment where musicians can record real music without stress of time pressure.

ND9 Studio is a custom built facility designed to meet the needs of musicians of every style, as well as spoken word and voice over work. Audio recording & post production services for radio/television broadcast and corporate communications. Audio for video. Multi track digital & analog recording. Extensive music & sound effects libraries. ND9 Studio is located on Pune, at the very end of Sinhgad Road. ND9 Studio, is the most popular sound recording studio, among the singers and musicians who likes to record with digital technology.



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